Gastric Bypass Club - Veszprém

Our Honorable Former and New Patients, Dear Inquirers!
Cordial welcome to all at our 6th Gastric Bypass Club!

The venue is again the Veszprém County Hospital, Building E, 1st floor, Large lecture hall, that is the ’Star’. Time: Friday, 5th June 2015, 6 pm.
Guided by the practices of our previous clubs we have asked some speakers to give 10 or 15-minute presentations in their own fields. Then, staying true to our club’s character, you will have the opportunity to have remarks, personal accounts, and ask questions to meet every requirement. Finally, I would like to give a brief account of what has happened since we last met.
Everyone is welcome!
Best wishes: Dr.Elemér Mohos, PhD

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Weight Loss Surgery


In the United States, where 5 percent of the population is obese with a BMI over 40, Weight Loss Surgery has had a long history of several decades. From the summary of results of several different types of surgeries, also based on the experience gained from the long history of postoperative care, the range of surgical interventions was narrowed down to three basic types. Out of these the Gastric Bypass Surgery has become the most frequently chosen Weight Loss Surgery since 2002.