Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions in connection with the procedure


Can I undergo it after abdominal operations?

Mostly yes, but it depends on the adhesions which are the result of previous surgeries. Individual judgment is needed.

Can I undergo a Gastric Bypass Surgery if I have a heart disease? How about undergoing it after a heart attack, catheterization, stent implantation, or bypass surgery?

It is necessary to take an electrocardiogram test and a heart ultrasound test before every surgery. In case of a heart disease a cardiologist should be consulted in connection with your endurance of the surgery which is a 2 or 3-hour-long laparoscopic intervention at 14-16 mm Hg intra-abdominal pressure.

Is suffering from a kidney disease a disqualifying condition?

No, but individual judgment of the type and severity of the illness should be considered.

Could the surgery be performed as a prophylactic intervention in case the BMI is under 40 and there are no concomitant illnesses, also the patient is between the ages of 20 and 30?

According to the latest professional points of view the BMI threshold, without any concomitant illness, is 35.

Could it be performed before having a child or does it influence a later conception or the pregnancy itself in a negative way?

It can be performed. The chance to conceive after weight loss rather increases because of hormonal changes, it is easier to bear a child after weight loss. During pregnancy different vitamins, protein, trace elements serum levels should be monitored and, if necessary, supplemented.

I have a gastric band. Can I have a Gastric Bypass Surgery?

In many cases Gastric Bypass Surgery can be performed when the gastric band is removed. When the band is being removed, it will turn out in the operating theatre if the two tasks could be performed at the same time.


How can I register?

Please contact:
+36 70 270 5603

When you have an appointment with Dr. Elemér Mohos please take all your laboratory findings with yourself to the first personal consultation. In case a surgery is justified, the tests required by Dr.Elemér Mohos should be run by your doctors at home; gastroscopy, heart ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, electrocardiogram, respiratory function, blood tests; moreover, if you have individual illnesses, possible extra medical examinations. When you have the results, another personal consultation is needed.

How about patients’ waiting times?

It depends on the number of candidates, months or half a year.

When should I pay? Do I have the possibility of paying by installments?

There is no such possibility. The whole sum should be paid the week before you go into hospital.

Are there any other expenses above the HUF 1,530,000 gross?

HUF 1,555,000 gross is the cost of the surgery, surgical sewing machine, anesthesia, intensive care, and in-patient treatment. The price for the first consultation is HUF 10,000. Further medical controls are suggested after the surgery depending on the patient’s health status. A medical control by a physician costs HUF 5,000 per time.

I am seriously ill and/or I receive the disability support pension. Does the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary support this intervention is this case?

All personal requests have been refused until now.


How long does it take to recover from it?

Inpatient hospital care: from 5 to 7 days, a further week for home recovery, sick pay, no hard physical work for 3 months, you should not lift anything heavier than 10 kilograms.

What to eat after the surgery?

Pulpy diet for 10 days, then 3 main meals daily which means consuming a little amount of food matching the size of the stomach. You should stop eating immediately when you feel full. Do not consume any food (i.e. snacks) between meals. There is no need to go on a special diet. It is not typical to feel hungry.

How many kilograms of my weight will I lose immediately after the surgery? When I reach the preferred weight will I stop losing weight?

You lose 80-90 % of your excess weight within a year, mainly in the first 6 months. After that your weight becomes stable. However, the dynamics of weight loss is rather personal.

When I have already lost some weight can it cause complications or any deficiency disorder?

In the first year after the surgery you should have a control once in three months, then once in six months. The controls contains laboratory tests. Approximately half of the patients need iron supplement (one pill a day), Vitamin B12 supplement (1 intramuscular injection a month), and occasionally, Vitamin D3 supplement (1 pc 3,000 unit-per-dose dragèe per 2-3 days). You can find the list of medical laboratories which have blood tests on our website and which, for a fee, define Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3. To go to the available laboratories please click here. We suggest you should consume high-protein foods to prevent a possible deficiency state. No other deficiency state has been detected until now.

Is it necessary to undergo a Body Contouring Surgery after this surgery?

Many factors influence tissue expansion. It depends on the individual characteristics how much the skin shrinks back after the weight loss.